Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trials and Tribulations of a Pop Singer's Hectic Life. Is it lifestyle or health habits that can cause difficulties?

Trials and Tribulations of a Pop Singer’s Hectic Life.  Is it lifestyle or health habits that cause difficulties? 

Unfortunately the trials and tribulations of a pop singer with a heavy performance schedule bring potential troubles to many singers.  Not only are there many performances, but a lot of travel through time zones (affecting sleep), sleeping in hotel rooms (varying levels of humidity or lack of that cause allergy and dry throat symptoms), dietary changes, and stress.  The schedule of late night performances often leads to the unfortunate habit of eating very late.  Many singers cannot eat a good meal before performances (call it nerves!), therefore they eat late following performances. This late eating (and often not enough hydration) leads to vocal troubles such as acid reflux.  Among other performers, John Mayer has experienced vocal troubles as a result of acid reflux manifesting itself in a granuloma.  Although told he has great vocal technique, vocal health has bit him . 

Steven Tyler has also experienced difficulties but due to faulty technique.   Click on this link to read details about Megan Gloss’ advice on how to minimize stresses on the voice outlined below.

Strive to attain the following goals:

  Avoid Strain.

Develop a healthy technique.

Warm up.

Drink plenty of water.

Also, watch how you speak.  Use your healthy singing technique as you talk every day.  Read my next blog, “Speak as you would sing, sing as you would speak”.

The lifestyle of hundreds of performances a year and travelling affects different people in different ways.  Take care of yourself the best you can both through healthy technique and lifestyle and how you talk.

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