Thursday, February 27, 2020

Summer Singing and Musical Theater Programs: Why Summer, what do YOU want, and Details on One Right Here that is PERSONALIZED for You or Your Child

                                                                 Summer Singing Programs and Musical Theater Programs

Why is summer the time to do an intensive Singing or Musical Theater program?  We often have unstructured time to fill in our summers.  Do something constructive that takes focus and concentration while having a fun time!  Sing, dance, and act and fine tune those skills to enhance your experiences throughout the year and increase your chances of getting cast in bigger roles, being given a solo, whatever your dream may be.

There are so many different options to choose from, how do you decide?  Take some time to analyze what you (or your child) need and want to get out of a program.  NOW is the time to address those things that need to be worked on or what you want to fine tune.

Do you need direction in what is the best repertoire for you to sing either in the musical theater genre or in general?  Do you need Vocal technique only?   Dance training?  Acting coaching? Vocal technique in combination with acting and dancing or work on all 3 simultaneously?  Confidence building?  Do you need a small setting for individual attention or a large setting where individual work is minimal?  Do you want a combination of all of the above?  Maybe you do 2 programs of different structures.  One can give you the individual attention you know you will thrive under and the other a larger stage experience.  If taken simultaneously or back to back you maximize your potential!  What is right for you or your child?

Here is an option to consider:

Summer Musical Theater Series:  

What is it?  Longer individual voice lessons over a span of a few weeks (5 lessons of 1 hour each over a 6 week period), an Acting a Song Masterclass and Dance Workshop.  This enables repertoire selected for each individual,  focus on learning 2 songs quickly, address vocal technique, text analysis, acting a song, and delivering musical theater repertoire in a performance.

Will this work with other summer programs?  This program is designed to work on all of these skill sets and enhance your skills in any other program you may be doing.  Commitment is 5 1 hour blocks of time over 5 1/2 weeks of Tuesday and Thursday teaching times.  You identify when you are available during teaching hours presented and which of 2 Workshops work for your schedule.  Focus on the INDIVIDUAL voice and how to add it to other performance aspirations.

When is it?  Tuesday/Thursday June 8-July 25, July 12 or 17 Masterclass and July 26 or August 1 Performance

How do I find out more?  Visit Susan Anders Brizick Website and Registration  Full Program Information and Registration page is found here.  You may also comment on this blog requesting information.   Happy Singing!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

What are the 2 most important things for you to do in the height of your intense Musical Theater rehearsal schedules? 1. Warm Up 2. Stay Healthy (and be disciplined about it)

What are the 2 most important things for you to do in the height of your intense Musical Theater rehearsal schedules?  1. Warm Up  2. Stay Healthy (and be disciplined about it)

Why is warming up on your own important?

Warming up is so essential to the health of your singing voice.  Everyone’s voice is different and needs different levels and amounts of warming up to perform well.  Think about athletes a minute.  Do all of them have the same routine of warming up before they go and play a game or a match?  No, they all may have similarities, but do different individual things to get themselves ready to go.  For example, one singer may only need 10 minutes to warm up and be ready to sing a full 2 hour rehearsal.  Another may need 15-20 minutes and start with a few yoga poses prior to that to make sure her body is in good alignment and her nerves are in check.  You never know how much time a director or teacher will give to warm ups or not.  If you know your voice is ready to go, you are in safe and productive territory.  Take the time to figure out what works best for you for warm up exercises both vocally and physically.  What did you do vocally in some of your best lessons or before a rehearsal?  What warm-ups do you like? What yoga postures help you get centered and focused?  You will feel good about what singing you are about to share.  Arm yourself with taking care of the muscles of your instrument to be the best singer you can be.

Why is staying healthy important? (or MORE likely HOW do I do it?)

We know it is important to stay healthy to sing and perform well, but HOW do you do it when you have so much on your plate with rehearsals, homework, work?  There are a few key things you can do:
1. Make sleep a priority 
2. Drink LOTS of water 
3. Add some extra vitamin c, orange juice
4. Wash your hands and use sanitizer 
5. Stay away from those who are sick

Believe it or not, your friends and family will understand if you explain you need to take care of yourself first and foremost, you are making sure you can be the best you can be for your performances.  Yes, you can say," I will talk to you later, need to stay healthy" OR" text me later, ok?".  You can put down the phone or ipad and focus on what ABSOLUTELY must get done so you get it done quicker and more efficiently.  Taking a little extra time for you and your vocal health by warming up ahead and health in general is going to put you in the best place!  I know its hard but you've got it.  Remember the old adage: "I can't, I've got rehearsal" and go do what you love!  Everyone will love YOU for it with the result (including you).