Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Holiday and Performance Stress! Take Care of Yourself and Enjoy the Season!

The holiday season is upon us and what a whirlwind it is for musicians.  Singers are often extremely affected as stress often lowers our immune systems defenses and our instrument doesn't work as well when it is sick!  Taking care of ourselves from the onset of the season can be so effective!

1. Get Your Sleep

2. Drink Water

3. Wash Your Hands

4. Practice Wisely (plan it out so it can be the most productive as time is often limited)

5.  Limit Your Time Socially (and on Social Media) to help you manage your time to sleep and practice!  You don't have to do all that you are invited to do especially if you have a lot of performing to do!

6. Limit Time in Social Situations Where Others Are Ill!!  We all love holiday parties, but if you find many are ill, politely excuse yourself and go home or to the other side of the room:-)

7. Enjoy your holidays, and try not stress about who needs what!

Happy Holidays to All!  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or just enjoy Santa Claus, 'tis the season of joy and happiness!  I hope you take the time to enjoy all the wonders of the season.

Take a moment and forget about the stresses of shopping, decorating, cooking, party going, and think about your favorite moments of this holiday season......What are they?

Mine are definitely the music of the season from the concerts I sing in, attend, or hear on the radio, followed by baking cookies with the kids, and seeing the Christmas tree lit up at night.   There are so many warm moments with family and friends that remind us of how lucky we are to have them and all of the comforts they bring us.

I am promising myself this year to take a moment every day to enjoy the wonders of the season.  Just to observe them from the back seat or sing my favorite Christmas song or play some carols on the piano because I feel like it.  It helps to enjoy the season and keep happiness around us.  What can you do to keep the holiday spirit?

Share the beauty of the season from your perspective with another today.  Share a gift that was given to you as a person.  Whether it be through music, baking, making a craft for someone, or just sharing a hug, give to someone else.  You will receive warmth back for your kindness and feel good because of it.  In the spirit of the season of these holidays, we remember and celebrate many things.  Most of all, make it love, friendship, and peace.  Enjoy the season and tune in for 2019 Blogs!