Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Why Take Voice Lessons? The In Person Option Analyzed (but don't forget online too....)

Voice Lessons are such an important element of improving singing technique and building confidence to sing in front of others.  In the previous article, I analyzed why online lessons may be a good option.  Here are a few benefits of the IN PERSON option!  Please read both and decide which option works best for YOU or YOUR CHILD.  

In Person Benefits:

Being IN PERSON, you really get one on one attention in live time.  Your voice is analyzed exactly as it is heard by another individual.  That opinion and expertise is invaluable!  We do not hear ourselves as others hear us!

Some people are just DONE with the online concept because they have to spend so much time on their computers for work or school.  Zooming meetings and other online concepts are here to stay but this may be a place you can get the 'humanness' of singing back!

One on one singing in person may be less intimidating than jumping back into singing with the choir. You or your child may have gotten a little rusty over the pandemic and singing online for choir class or maybe your church or community choir (or you) took a break over the pandemic.  You want to work on your skills and confidence but have the face to face interaction with another human without technology involved.

You may be ready to venture off the computer to in person singing but still fear singing with multiple people in a group.  Singing lessons give you that opportunity with less of a germ pool.  Build your skills and confidence to get back to it.

Many people say there is just NOTHING like hearing singing and music LIVE!  If that's you, that's your option:-)

Voice Lessons, no matter how you slice it, are beneficial not only to your singing voice but for your soul!  You may want to give it a try but don't know which way will work best for you.  Stop and think about it and go with what feels most comfortable.  I enjoy teaching both online and in person as it presents the singer in a different way and gives a variety of things to work on in lessons.

Many studios (including myself) are offering both options or the best of both worlds.  You may choose or need to go back and forth! The option to primarily take IN PERSON lessons with the option to convert to ONLINE as needed can help you get into a regular lesson pattern regardless of daily life.

- Daily life patterns may change (travel for work, car broke down, to child playing a sport for one season which makes it difficult to make it to lesson on time, but can if online) 

- Public health situations  (COVID-19 exposure and quarantine or variants or you have a little cold but don't want to share it) 

- Weather (an ice storm which leaves roads impassable but with electricity, a lesson still possible)

If we have learned anything through the pandemic, it is that things can always change! Make the move and get started singing more and being happy today with voice lessons!!  Tune in next week for benefits of singing lessons in general!

Monday, September 20, 2021

Why Take Voice Lessons? How is best for YOU? Online or In Person or in a studio which offers both?


Why should you or your child take voice lessons?  It seems an age old question, but today is a brand new one!  You have a larger choice HOW to take voice lessons too!  With all of the time we have spent on computers and in online school, people need more one on one time. They need to reconnect to people.  They need to be interacting with someone on a truly individual basis to reconnect to what matters to them what moves them, what they feel, how they can express it.  

Individual time with a voice teacher is like nothing else!  It fuels our souls, our creativity, balances our well being, and gives us confidence.  In voice lessons, we work on YOU as an individual and on YOUR singing voice.   

In the age of the pandemic, we found we can get this one on one time and reconnecting through both ONLINE and IN PERSON voice lessons.  There are so many benefits to both ways and yes, you can do one or the other or BOTH.  (Many of us are continuing online and in person options to serve all needs)  So no matter which you prefer, you can explore both to GET THAT VOICE SINGING!


Many of us never thought to teach online, but through advancement in technology, we did it and it opened many doors. Here are some of the benefits of ONLINE teaching I have found (Tune in next week for IN PERSON benefits)

Location and Time:

You can have a lesson with a voice teacher even when you live across the country or go on a vacation for an extended time.  Car breaks down or there is a storm that leaves the road a mess, you can still have your lesson!  Going off to college but want to continue voice lessons with your studio teacher in your hometown, YOU' VE GOT IT!

If you found you didn't have time to take voice lessons before because of travel time to and from location in addition to the length of the lesson, this could be your answer!  Or your teacher and your schedule are difficult to coordinate (even if its for a 2 week period)- you don't need to cancel or quit, move it online (even if only temporary)

Truly face to face (even if through the screen) :

When on the computer, a teacher and student are truly face to face (no voice lessons cannot take place without a camera).  Voice teachers can see actions of the mouth, neck and posture issues very clearly. When singing in person during this pandemic many of us do still need to wear a mask.  This hides our face, mouth, etc so sometime difficult to address certain areas of technique.  Online we do not so we can see the singer more clearly.  We also generally see the singer in a close up view.  We can ask them to turn sideways, get a different view of posture.    


I have found that students are more apt to work harder in between lessons when learning online.  When they are more prepared for the music of the lesson, they are have a more successful lesson.  They have accompaniment tracks ready to go and have planned out what they want to work on.  Also because of the slight drawback of latency issues of working online, students work harder to combat it with more practice time. 

Latency issues have been vastly improved with various technological advancements and tools.  Voice lessons online have become very SUCCESSFUL and POPULAR.

Of course, singing in person is ultimately the best thing, but don't let this stop you from SINGING!!  Explore the option to have ONLINE voice lessons (or supplement ONLINE when you have schedule issues with your IN PERSON Voice Lessons)

Go explore singing lessons for YOU (visit for information on Voice Lessons in my studio) .  Tune in next week for benefits of IN PERSON Voice Lessons and singing in general!