Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Resolution: Sing often and practice more often and more efficiently

Part I

Resolution: Sing often and practice more often and more efficiently.

Firstly, sing whenever you feel moved to sing.  Sing with the radio, in the shower, while you are folding laundry.  It releases endorphins and lifts your mood. 

Once you are singing casually, make sure you schedule time for serious singing.  Write down when you are going to practice and plan it into your daily routine (or at least a few times a week).  Use it as a break from studying for a test, waiting for a ride or as some down time instead of breaking out your phone. 

Plan WHAT you are going to practice:  start with warm-ups and write down what songs you are going to work on and select one area of focus.  Are you learning the pitches to a new song?  Start there.  Do you have another song you already know, but need to look at the lyrics and work on how you are communicating the poets words?  On a third song, maybe you need to work on your dynamics.  End with one of your favorite songs, just sing it and enjoy! 

Plan out your time on each piece in either a practice time or two or what you want to accomplish each week.  This will help you get the most out of your practice time and make you feel not only successful at your resolution goals, but feel happy because you are singing!  Tune in next week for implementing taking care of your instrument (your body) and how that impacts your singing!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New Year's Resolutions for Singing and How to Make Yours Become a Reality

Tis the time of New Year’s resolutions and although I am a few weeks behind, starting one of mine:  Return to blogging more often to help my students and voice students all over take better care of themselves, and sing better, and be educated about singing and its benefits!  Everyone sets New Year’s Resolutions and we all need reminders or encouragement to continue them.  I hope that one of YOURS is to Sing More and Take Better Care of Your Voice and Yourself!  Here is the beginning of a series on how to do those things!  Stay tuned for tips on achieving the following resolutions:

1)      Sing often and practice more often and more efficiently.
2)      Take care of my instrument, my body.
3)      Incorporate  Exercise and Yoga
4)      Drink More Water
5)      Eat Better and fuel your instrument
6)      Sleep More
7)      Warm Up Before Rehearsals and stay motivated.

8)      Remember why singing is good for you!

Get ready to set your sights on a great 2017 full of growth in your singing and self!  Tune in next week for details on singing resolutions!