Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Resolution: Eat Better and fuel your instrument, making a better singing voice!

Part 5

Resolution: Eat Better and fuel your instrument, making a better singing voice!

How can what I eat impact my singing voice?  In so many ways!  Think about the old adage, ‘you are what you eat’.  Well, you are your instrument, so truer words could not be spoken. 

Give it a try: Up the number of fruits and vegetables that you eat.  Healthy, lean proteins give you long lasting energy.  Think about the food fueling your voice! 

As performers and musicians, we are subject to late night performances and hunger afterwards or running from rehearsal to rehearsal.  Find some healthy but quick things to snack on or fill that hunger void.  A small bag of nuts and fruit, a bowl of cereal with protein, or when you have more time, a salad with grilled chicken.  Watch eating acidic foods and dairy before singing (think pizza, tomato  sauce or yogurt).  If you think ahead, you can stay fueled and stay healthy to fuel your awesome singing voice!

Try eating a small, well-balanced meal before rehearsal or a lesson and adding a stash of healthy snacks to your rehearsal bag.  Add a large bottle of water and you are well on your way!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Resolution: Drink More Water to Help My Singing Voice

Part 4

Resolution: Drink More Water

A constant complaint, but I don’t like the taste of water!  Think about how valuable it is to your body and find a way to flavor it if you need to (add a little fruit or cucumber to the water) !

Water is essential to our being (we are composed of a lot of water and need to replenish it).  The more water you have in your system, the better and longer you can sing.  It enables the voice to bounce back and have energy.  Breathing in and out with long phrases can be drying to the vocal cords.  Water replenishes this act.  If you are starting to fight a cold or virus, an increase in water can help flush it out of your system faster.  You will have more energy with more hydration.  Yes, you will initially have to run to the bathroom a little more often at first, but challenge yourself.  Drink 64 oz or more of water a day and see how it improves your energy and the quality of your singing voice!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Resolution: Incorporate  Exercise and Yoga to take care of my singing voice.

Part 3

Resolution: Incorporate  Exercise and Yoga to take care of my singing voice.

What does exercise and yoga do for the singing voice?  Ah, the list is endless. 

Cardio enhances your breath capacity and breath support.  Try running or going on the elliptical machine and then practice.  Notice how you breathe more deeply and efficiently for singing.

Just about any type of exercise releases endorphins which make you feel better as a person and increases your brain synapse responses, making you think better.  Go for a walk and then put together a plan as to how to tackle that next role.  Your brain will function better.

Yoga and Pilates:  yes, they are exercise and put you in tune with your body and what it does, good habits and bad habits with posture.  It lets you know what muscles are underworked and overworked.  It helps you to strengthen your core and powerhouse of singing.  Think, where does your breath support come from?  Your abs and ribs play a large role.  They also relax you and enable you to focus.   The more in touch you are with your individual body, the better singer you become.

Challenge yourself and add exercise in one way or more 4-5x a week.  How does that impact your voice?

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Resolution: Take care of my instrument, my body.

Part 2

Resolution: Take care of my instrument, my body.

You are your instrument, so take care of it!  A trumpet player carefully swabs out his instrument after playing and tucks it away safely in its case until it is played again.  We cannot put our instrument in a bubble, but we can monitor what we do and take steps towards better care!  What are some basic steps?

1) Get extra sleep going into a run of a show

2) Workout to ramp up your energy level and focus on tasks

3) Stay hydrated with lots of water

4) Fuel yourself with good, healthy food

5) Take an extra 10 minutes and warm up before you get to rehearsal

6) Find your favorite short activity to unwind and recharge

All at once, these may seem daunting.  Start with one a week or every couple of days and see what habits stick.  They all benefit YOU as a singer and as a human being.  You are worth it!