Thursday, March 12, 2020

You've Got This!! You Landed the Role, Now Keep It Healthy

You've Got This!!  You got the role of your dreams or one of the leads you thought you wanted in the show.  Your hard work paid off in the audition, now stay healthy so the hard work you are putting in through rehearsals can really be seen in the performances!  Don't throw away your shot by getting sick!

I know, so many rehearsals, lots of singing, dancing, acting, memorizing, all on top of the homework, work and life!  How do you find time to stay healthy with all of that?  Prioritize yourself and your physical and mental well-being and you will be so thankful!  Your body and mind work better and retain more information quickly if we are all around healthy!

Here are 6 things YOU can do to help yourself through the busy rehearsal schedule to make sure we all get to see YOUR BEST self in performance:

1. Sleep (8 hours a night is the goal)
2. Eat well (fruits, veggies, vitamins)
3. Drink lots of water (64 oz a day is a great goal)
4. Exercise (physical activity promotes a healthy mind and body) Yoga counts!
5. Limit interactions with those are sick and minimize our socialization if it interferes with 1-5
6. Practice (silent review of those lines, lyrics and choreography can actually go a long way)

 Pay attention to your body and mind, it knows what you need!   Now go out there and show them what you're made of!!