Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Singing Lessons are a Personal Journey - Which Path Do You Take?

Singing Lessons are a Personal Journey - Which Path Do You Take?

Singing lessons are a personal journey for everyone.  The music that each individual creates with his or her own singing voice is very personal and awesome!

Singing lessons involve the interactions of what your body and voice can do or learn to do together.  Through learning solid technique, it is amazing what the voice can achieve.   
Part of the journey depends on the initial gift of your voice, but a large majority rest in the dedication of the individual to perfect the craft of singing.  It is a passion to be followed.
Additionally your interpretation of the music and text can carry you to the next level.  How you express the song has such an impact on not only the quality of the voice,  but the overall presentation of the music you sing.

Where you want your voice to take you (whether it be a better shower singer, opera singer, lead in the next play, or soloist at a concert) in combination with your drive and dedication to study are so important to the personal journey of singing.  It is not mind over matter, but matter and mind working together that help you to achieve your goals.  Set your singing goals with the educated guidance of a teacher and revisit them.  Singing, as a career or hobby, is a passion- Embrace it and take your personal journey through song!

How is singing a personal journey for you?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How Do You Learn Best?  Are you a Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic Learner?

We all have different learning styles and learn things in a number of ways.  Think about how you best learn math skills, reading, chemistry, music and singing.
There are 3 main styles of learning.  Some of us use a combination of all 3 when learning something new, but others predominantly use one style or another.  Which type of learner are you:  Auditory, Visual, or Kinesthetic? 

-       Auditory- Do you learn best by example?  Do you HEAR something and then able to replicate it?

-       Visual – Do you prefer to SEE something to understand it?  Do you often visualize a concept?

-       Kinesthetic – Do you learn best by DOING?  Try and try again is your motto until you get it?

In a private lesson situation, a teacher can tailor the lesson and instructions to meet your learning style.  If you visualize things best, a teacher may use imagery to teach a concept. If you learn best by example, she may sing a phrase to explain a theory.  If you physically DO to learn a concept, you may be given a physical task when singing to show an idea.  If you learn by doing a mixture of things, she should combine ideas.  Find a teacher (or BE a teacher) who works with learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses to make you the best singer you can be.  You may not know HOW you learn best because you never thought about it.  Let someone help you discover it along your musical journey!
Which way do you learn about singing best?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What do you (or your student) want from private voice lessons?

What do you want from private voice lessons? 
Seems a simple answer, to sing better, right?  But, how do you get there?  What is better and why?  Take the time to explore your goals realistically with voice lessons with a qualified professional.  Find the right fit for you and open your mind to all of the wonderful styles of music out there. 

Do you want to find the courage to audition for the next solo in your choir’s concert?  Do you want to get the lead in the next musical theater production in your high school?   Do you want to learn to sing better because that is something that you have always wanted to do and never had the time?  Do you want to sing back- up vocals in a band or sing better karaoke?  Do you want to become an opera singer?  Do you want to sing without others asking you to stop?  The singing opportunities are endless.  Where do you see yourself and where does your teacher see you going?
All singers need to learn solid technique to achieve their goals and to truly enjoy the beautiful music their voice can create.  Not everyone has the same goals or the same instrument.  It is the job of both the student and teacher to explore and expand upon the music that exists within each individual voice.  Establish technique and discover what your voice can do.  What new direction might you discover?

After you live with that for a while, explore the wonders of your singing voice and work together with a voice teacher to shape your voice lesson experience. 
An aid to the process:  How do you learn best?  (Read more in my next blog on learning styles).

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why Should You or Someone You Know Take Voice Lessons in a Private Voice Studio?

Why Should You or Someone You Know Take Voice Lessons in a Private Voice Studio?

Think about it.  Why do you sing?  Why does your daughter, brother, sister, mom sing?  It is something they enjoy and often something they simply have a desire to do (and do better).  What better time to start a journey towards singing better than the present?
At the start of the school year, students and adults alike often set new goals for the things that they want to accomplish.  The network shows such as The Voice, Duets, American Idol, and Glee are about to begin which give many the ‘bug’ to sing.  Why not try it out?

Why should you take voice lessons in a private voice studio?  Can’t everyone sing?

Almost anyone who can speak can learn to sing, but most people don’t use their voices to their full potential. Voice lessons teach singers how to control their breath and find vocal resonance to create a fuller, healthier, and more beautiful sound. Lessons also teach general musical skills and build more confident singers. 
The average singing student needs weekly guidance to establish a solid technique.

Should I take voice lessons with a teacher or can I really learn to sing from an online program or DVD?

Every voice and every person is different and responds differently to technique. Learning to sing demands a personal touch and ears and eyes outside of oneself. With the guidance of a live teacher, you will get direct response to what is actually heard and seen by others, not just what you hear inside your head. A live teacher can also help you explore to find what repertoire and vocal range actually suits your voice best.

What we hear while we’re singing just isn’t true, so we are always dependent on someone we trust to take the role of our ‘outside ears’. Renee Fleming
In a private voice studio, the student not only gets access to a voice teacher and vocal coach, but to the camaraderie of belonging to a group of people who enjoy singing.  Most voice studios provide opportunities to perform musical repertoire one or two times a year.  Some also give the opportunity to work on the repertoire in front of and with others in the studio (please see more information on my studio at  With more opportunities to share music with others, a student has a higher drive to perfect the craft of singing, builds a higher confidence level in their singing and themselves, and the better music we create!

Again, why NOT take singing lessons?  Keep on Singing!