Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pilates Study and the Affect on Singing (Part 3 of 4 of Movment and Singing)

Pilates Study and the Affect on Singing (Part 3 of 4 of Movement and Singing)

What can Pilates study do for your singing?  A myriad of wonderful things.

Singing comes from the whole body, especially the core- pelvic floor muscles, deep abdominal muscles, deep spinal muscles and the diaphragm.  The study of Pilates promotes proper posture, alleviates tension, and strengthens the core, which are all wonderful things for the singing voice.  “Working on connecting to the core muscles (abdominal muscles) through movement work can significantly improve the singing voice”.   Awareness of the core muscles and working on strengthening them through movement while maintaining an open throat, good breath support, a resonant sound, and staying safely vocally connected while singing is a tough thing to coordinate.  There are many performance based programs such as the Opera Masters Program at Julliard directed by Joan Murray who believe that Pilates is such an essential element of study for performers that they require it as a part of study. Visit for specific Pilates exercises for singers. 

In Pilates we work to free the muscles of the head, neck and shoulders and work on strengthening the core stabilizers (abdominal muscles).   We reduce outside tensions and open the resonating chambers of the body, creating a more resonant (freer) singing voice.  We establish more core awareness and stability in connection with making a resonant sound and help to build the foundation of a strong and resilient singing voice.  Some basic Pilates study will help you find strength from within your own body to enhance the beautiful singing you know lies within you.  Imagine the freedom you get in your singing voice when your posture is wonderful and your core muscles are truly connected to your sound!
Give it a try and share, how has Pilates helped your singing voice?  What about Yoga?  I’ll be back soon with how Yoga can enhance your singing in Part 4 of my 4 Part Series Movement and Singing.


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