Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Summer Singing and Motivation

Summer Singing and Motivation

Summer is upon us for sure and I hope you are finding fun in your singing and motivation to sing!  Creating a schedule of how and when you are going to practice is hopefully going well.  Often times though we find ourselves in a place where it is tough to actively practice.  Maybe you are on vacation without a piano, maybe you are at the pool or beach nearby and get the urge to sing but are inhibited by other people being there. 

What can you do to stay on track or feed that urge to sing when you cannot physically do so?  Plug in to your technology.  That's right, I said it!  Use your phone which is becoming an extension of your hand.  Google or YouTube search the song (s) that you have been working on.  Listen to a couple renditions of that song to get inspiration on how to sing it better, add interpretation or work on memorizing the lyrics.  See how others have used their individual talents and techniques to make the song their own.  Make mental notes or put them in your Notes on your phone.  Then use them the next time you actively practice.

How does listening to that song at the beach or on a hike on a trail change your interpretation and feelings?  It may change it drastically or just enhance the experience.  Allow yourself to go on that musical journey. 

Also, search your favorite genre of singing for more repertoire ideas.  Get inspiration from all of the songs that are literally at your fingertips.  You never know what beautiful song will capture your attention.  Look up that next song that comes up as a suggestion on Pandora or YouTube.  Be careful to make sure that they are appropriate for your voicing, but sing along a little bit and then take the idea to your teacher.  At the very least you can broaden your horizons to the variety of music that is out there (or has been for a while that you just didn't know about).

Stay tuned for more inspirational thoughts on singing in the summer.