Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Choral Singing vs. Solo Singing- When is it GOOD to sing in a choir and when would it be better for you to focus on solo singing? Part 1 of 3

Singing in a choir, it is how most of us first get started in singing.  What a wonderful thing to do for the beginner singer.  If you are under the age of 18, love singing along with the radio, and want to do more singing, please join a choir in addition to singing for fun on your own!

Why does singing in a choir help the young singer?

- It develops your ear and helps you to listen carefully.

- It helps you stay in tune with other singers.

- You learn to sing based on how it feels.

- It works on your self-esteem in a group setting.  You have more confidence in your singing in a comfortable environment. 

- It is fun to sing new and different repertoire.

- It is a great first step to develeping your individual singing voice.

There are of course many extra benefits to singing in a choir, both academically and developmentally.

"Children Who Sing Have Greater Academic Success and Life Skills.."

Studies of students’ grades and surveys of parents reveal that, children become more self-confident, shown more self-discipline and improved their memory since joining a choir.  It is an excellent tool to get a singer started on the right path vocally and has many extra benefits.

As a result of singing in a choir, students have:

- Better academic performance

- More self-confidence

- Improved memory skills

- Increased self-discipline and study habits

- Better participants in group activities

- Better emotional expression and better emotional management

- Increased social skills, civic involvement, volunteerism, philanthropy and support of other art forms later in life.

When is it time to add individual voice lessons?  When is it better to focus on your solo singing and do less choral singing?  Check in next week for advice on when to spend more time on SOLO singing?

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