Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Attention All Singers! Meet the 2 Plank Challenge- How Does it Impact Your Practice and Singing?

I have a challenge to all singers out there, add 2 planks of 30-60 seconds a piece before practicing.  It is ideal to to this on your toes, but on knees is a good start.  Try adding this to the beginning of practicing for a week or two.  How does it impact your practice that day?  Take note if anything and what changes about your singing.  Write it down and then process, what does this do for your singing?

Try it and then respond to this blog post.  Then check back in.  How does it impact what you are doing?  Does your body remember what to do better then when standing?  I will post more thoughts in 2 weeks.  Join me in improving your singing through the summer!

As always, more tips on becoming more 'in tune' with your singing!  Check out my website for more information www.susanandersbrizick.com Happy singing!