Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Is there a connection between Adele's speech and singing troubles? The speech and singing connection

The Speech and Singing Connection
Delving Further into Adele- Is there a speech connection to her singing troubles?  Speech is Deeply Connected to Singing.

Amazing how Adele's Cockney accent does not appear in her singing at all.  Her voice is clear and consistent.  Does she have the vocal training in singing to produce pure vowels and tested technique to keep her going?  Yes, Adele has a long history of vocal training for singing (link).  However, are her speech habits and vocal health regime impacting the longevity of her success?  It is very possible that it is having an impact.

Although her (Brittish) accent is enduring, listening to Adele speak, the trained ear may wonder if her speech habits might negatively influence her singing.  In the words of Kathy Alexander, “One very common problem for singers is to be careless about how they talk,” says Cazden. “With interviews and so on, the offstage persona can seem just as important to maintain, so the vocal cords may be getting bruised and used-up from morning to night, not just during the music.”  Singers can weather more high-pressure singing if they use a balanced, resonant sound when chatting off stage and over coffee.

This is why we should think more about voice use on – and off – stage.  Our wear and tear of the voice in everyday life impacts our performing voice.  How you speak and diet and lifestyle affect how much singing your voice can tolerate.  Hydrate, support your speech, get sleep, eat a balanced diet, get moderate exercise, and minimize talking, especially when in a heavy performance run.

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