Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Musical Performance Anxiety and How to Overcome it! Accomplish that Goal. (Part 2 of 5) The Mental Game

Musical Performance Anxiety and How to Overcome it!  Accomplish that Goal.  (Part 2 of 5)

The Mental Game

Okay, so you are secure that you know this piece backwards and forwards.  You know what it means and are communicating as you sing. 

Are you still constantly hearing the negative voices in your head?  What are they saying?  Are you striving for it to be completely perfect and not allowing yourself to continue even if there is only a minor flaw? 

Although we as musicians strive for perfectionism, there is a point where you need to let yourself just sing and let nature take its course.  Try to shut off the voices in your head:  the recurring negative thoughts that you have in your head as you sing.  You know, all the things that a teacher told you about a specific spot, your brother asking you to stop singing, it’s enough already. 

Try a few yoga poses to calm you brain and body.  Downward Dog and a few Sun Salutations will help you connect to your breath.  Next do a few Warrior 1 and Warrior 2 poses to bring you empowerment and strength.  End with Tree to center you and lengthen the spine.

Sing it again. Verbalize what the voices are saying if you cannot tune them out.   Try a little more yoga and allow yourself the freedom to just sing it!  Tap into the power of your body and mind and enjoy your music.

How did the yoga help you?  Are you more of a thinker and want to use the power of your thoughts to help you overcome musical performance anxiety?  Tune in for the next blog about "The Think Method" by R. Taylor, May 2011  Can imagining yourself singing flawlessly enhance your performance?

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