Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Adele’s Debut at the Grammy’s – Success and Great Sound 6 weeks after her Vocal Operation. Where does it go from here?

Adele’s debut at the Grammy’s was a success.  She performed beautifully after her vocal surgery (hemorrhaged polyp was removed). 
After following the advice of doctor’s and having the polyp removed, she strictly abided by not speaking for weeks.  Not speaking or singing is very hard to do, but essential to vocal repair for a singer.  She will be carefully followed by her voice teacher to ensure her healthy singing voice.  
What a lesson to learn as a singer:  the singing voice is precious so take good care of it.  Not following the advice of medical professionals can cause more damage.  Adele is fortunate to have paid attention to her body’s signals and gotten treatment right away.  Should Adele continue in this vain, she will probably have a long and successful career.  She is already aware that an intensive touring schedule is not in the cards for her  anytime soon.  The stress and strain of that schedule would be too much on her still recovering voice. 
Everyone’s voice can withstand different levels of singing activity.  To maximize that activity, secure and healthy technique is essential.  So is a healthy lifestyle including adequate sleep, hydration, good diet and moderate exercise. 

Pay attention to your body and what it is saying.  Even when you are down and out with a cold virus, the best thing you can do is to sleep and not speak.  Whispering causes more wear and tear on the vocal folds than speaking alone, so stay quiet and find a notepad or apps on your phone.  Unless there is absolutely no way out of it, if it hurts or feels weird when you sing, DON’T DO IT.   Give it a rest and if it persists, get a professional opinion (voice professional or medical professional).  Better safe than sorry as they say!

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