Thursday, August 3, 2017

Summer Singing Activity That Will Help Your Singing Lessons in the Fall

What can you do now that will help your voice lessons in the fall?  There are many things including, just sing!

1.  Sing along with the radio or your favorite Broadway musical.  Sing to yourself or sing to others.

2.  Practice the song (s) you were last assigned in lessons.  Review the notes, rhythms, lyrics.  Look at your notes for the technique you are to be working on.

3.  Research and listen to new music or a genre which you have never sung before.  Look at repertoire that you have always wanted to sing.  Bring it to your teacher to see if they think it would be good for your voice.  Bring ideas to collaborate with your teacher. 

4.  Listen to music of different genres and eras to see what you like.  Explore your musical horizons  while you have a little extra time.  Remember that French song your teacher wanted you to sing? How about Italian or jazz?  You never know what might suit your fancy when you are not in the throws of a hectic schedule.  Bring those ideas or likes to your teacher in the fall.

5. Watch or listen to a new concert or new Broadway musical (or two).  Go to the theater or watch it via Netflix or YouTube.  Enjoy music and all of its styles with a little downtime.

6.  Go practice again to refresh your most recent songs (or learn the new one given to you at your last lesson) so you can go in fresh and ready to move ahead at your first fall lesson!

Enjoy the last month of summer!!

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