Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer Singing and Exercise/Yoga

Summer is in full tilt and so is singing fueled by outdoor activity.  I don't know about you, but when it's beautiful outside, I like to get in some good walking, hiking, biking, and sometimes yoga (beach of course is the best).  It has been a great stretch of weather to do this, so game on!

What does this have to do with singing?  When you workout regularly, you boost your lung capacity, energy level, tone your body and your mind. All of these can directly apply to your singing practice and performance!  Here are some extra benefits:

- Practice after cardiovascular activity (especially running or walking).  Your body is already breathing the way you need to in order to sustain long phrases with slow and low breaths!  

- Exercise gives you energy. You have more energy to schedule your practice time, practice, and perform. 

- Build endurance in exercise and singing.  Endurance in performances is key. You can sing longer and more beautifully because you are in tune with your body.

-Muscle use. You are in better shape and are more tone, so of course all of that practicing in the mirror isn't so bad (ha, ha!).  Seriously though, watch yourself as you practice and see how you are using your muscles. 

- A sharp mind.  Try a little yoga as well to continue to slow your breath and connect your breath to your brain.  A Zen state of being really helps you to focus. Your mind is sharp so you have an easier time remembering all of that technique, lyrics, and stage directions. 

Whatever your exercise passion (or what you find you like with trial and error), see how it affects your practice and performance.  In summer we are full of outdoor activity, so give it a try! A singer's body is their instrument, so treat it well and take care of it!

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  1. In summer many people like me cant able to exercise and do Yoga because it's really hot, but I really got impressed by your article. Great share