Tuesday, May 30, 2017

More Summer Singing Ideas

How has creating a summer singing schedule worked for you?  I know we get de-railed by the nice weather sometimes but keep in mind there is always a rainy day on the horizon to get back on track.  And have patience with yourself to find order in the (fun) chaos of summer. 

Find that time to practice (especially after that morning run, swim, or yoga).  Your body will be primed for singing and you will already be breathing well due to the physical exercise or alignment.  You may be able to practice more efficiently.  Enjoy singing and then put a goal to your practice.  Once you have achieved that goal or move on to another song with another goal.  You may be learning the notes in one song nd working on interpretation on another while prepping a role for that summer musical theater camp.  Once you have achieved your practice goals, move on to another part of that day. You may find by putting concrete parameters, you are more productive OR that you just plain want to keep practicing that day because you can. 

Find a balance of enjoying the music and the creative side of singing OR use the goal oriented process to help you make the most of your practice time.  Noodle around with something new just because you can.  Once you get yourself to your practice space, the possibilities are endless!  Stay tuned for more ideas of how to bring singing and music into your summer!

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