Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yoga Study and the Affect on Singing (Part 4 of 4 of Interpretation, Movement and Singing)

Yoga Study and the Affect on Singing (Part 4 of 4 of Interpretation, Movement and Singing)

What can yoga do for your singing aside from make you move better?  The list is endless….

The gentle opening of the body and release of tensions one experiences during yoga are a great thing for the singing voice.  In yoga, you can:
-Tone and strengthen all of the muscle groups

- Increase flexibility and lung capacity
- Enhance the mind/body connection

- Create an ‘energized calm’ in preparation for performances, opening the body and empowering the mind, body and spirit.

Why Tone and Strengthen?
Your body is your instrument.  As a singer, you want it to be as strong and toned as you can. This way your body can work for you not against you. You will fatigue a lot slower in practice and performance and have the upper edge in audition situations.  It is tough to carry out a heavy performance schedule and sometimes heavy costuming.

Why Increase Flexibility and Lung Capacity?
You will be able to hold phrases longer and with more ease. If you are flexible, you create more space inside your body for your sound to resonate, creating a freer, more relaxed and beautiful sound.

Why Enhance the mind/body connection?
If your mind is aware of what your body is doing you can stop tensions early, respond to anything out of whack in your body sooner and manage stress such as a heavy performance schedule or nerves more effectively.  If you have a close mind/body connection, you respond quickly to your nerves and can get them under control before they get the best of you in performance.

I have found YogaSing, founded by Suzanne Jackson, to be a wonderful tool for yoga practice specifically for singers.  Please visit  for information on her YogaSing and YogaWakening DVD and  for yoga poses that assist singing.

The more in tune we are with our bodies, the better singing we create.  If we are singing freely in connection with our body and mind, we can more adequately share the meaning of the music we perform and enhance the musical experience for both ourselves and our audiences.  Add some yoga to your singing practices.  Establish proper posture, tone your core muscles, and allow natural movement to enter your singing.  What can it do for you?

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