Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Singing Musical Theater  -
Communication of the Word (Part 3 of 3)

Good healthy technique is a wonderful thing. How do you take it to the next level with any style of singing? By communicating the meaning of the words.  Opera has learned the meaning of conveying words from musical theater.  If you are taught the importance of the meaning of the words, it means a lot to the tone quality you create.  It helps you to know and understand your voice and unleashes another level to your sound.

“If you actually communicate the song, no matter what style it is, I feel like you can present it in a valid way”. (O’Hara)

“Meaning of the word and expression is everything.  Learn to speak correctly, for if you don’t change speech habits, that is how you sing” (Birdwell, Classical Singer, April 2012).  http://www.classicalsinger.com/magazine.    In other words, if you bring unhealthy speech habits into your singing, you will start unhealthy singing habits especially as you communicate your musical theater songs in English.  A mix in the voice is healthy- bring the head voice down and bring the chest voice up a little bit, and it is combined to be one voice, not two separate sounds.  Connect your speech to your singing.

Healthy speaking habits can lead to even healthier singing.   http://bit.ly/J7zsRk

Overall, when solid vocal technique is mastered, communication of the written word is the icing on the cake and the key to the portal of healthy musical theater singing.   Think about how much you can touch your audience when you truly express the meaning of the text in your songs.  This is what is so moving about singing as an art form.  It is imperative in musical theater, why not make it a necessary component of all of your singing?

Go and develop your singing with healthy technique and connect with the beauty of communication through song.

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