Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why Singing? The Passion of Singing.

Why Singing? 
Singing is an art form that is an extension of yourself.  It is a means of self expression and creation of beauty so enjoy it!

Sing for yourself, sing for the school choir, sing for your church, sing for karaoke, audition for American Idol or the Glee Club.  Above all do it for yourself and find someone you trust and whose opinion you value to help you make the most of the instrument that was given to you!

Understanding and appreciating art is so helpful when it comes to processing the hard stuff in the world.  Music is a safe place to let out emotions.  An outlet for times you feel powerless and it can be invaluable in your emotional survival.  Art can be such a powerful tool for children to express themselves.    Jennifer Nettles, Sugarland

Extra Reasons to Take Voice Lessons

·                    Increases attention span
·                    Increase focus on task at hand
·                    Improved reading capabilities (both music and reading comprehension)
·                    Analysis of literary content
·                    Value of connection between math and real life experiences
·                    Self confidence and courage
·                    Improve communication skills
·                    Improve breath control (asthma)
·                    More awareness of mind and body connection
·                    Awareness of physical body and taking care of your body
·                    An emotional outlet

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