Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Follow Up to Singing and Exercise: Cardio and Yoga

So, how did you do?  I have added at least 2 sessions of cardiovascular exercise and 2 sessions of yoga and/or pilates to my weekly routine for the last month.  I have more energy in general and am more focused on my daily tasks.  I have more motivation to try new things and get more accomplised.

I am also more focused when I practice.  As a singing teacher, I know it means a lot more to practice well in less time than to spend 1 hour just singing.  I am able to spend time perfecting a phrase and with more ease than before.  Being more in tune with body, I can diagnose the problem quicker and solve the problem faster (i.e. my posture is not in alignment, so by fixing that, I improve my sound).  I can sustain phrases longer in my repertoire and feel more grounded when I sing.  My nerves are even a little better when I perform for others.

How has increased exercise and yoga impacted your life and your singing?

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