Monday, May 16, 2011

Allergies Get the Best of Us!

Ah, spring!  What a lovely time of year!  Unfortunately as we watch nature in bloom with flowers and budding trees, many of us are blossoming with sneezing, wheezing, and watery eyes from our allergies!  This can interfere with our singing in many ways.  Our breathing is affected, we sound like we have a cold, and we are tired.  When not taken care of, often our allergies bloom into colds.  You can avoid all of this by following the Healthy Singing Tips in my blog Healthy Singing and a Healthy You (April 2011)! 

Specific things you can do to take care of your allergies are:

- Use a saline nose spray in the morning and evening
- Avoid being outside first thing in the morning
- Take a shower before bedtime to wash away any allergens on your hair and skin throughout the day so that you are not sleeping with the irritants
- Make sure that you are taking any medication for allergies that have been suggested by your doctor
- Drink lots of water
-Sing a little bit everyday.  Gentle warm-ups such as humming and staccati note patterns can often
  help you break through any allergy mucus
- Sing early in the day and it will help your speaking voice too as you will think about your breath support

How do these tips help you with your singing and managing your allergies?  Do you have any ideas to share that help you to sing in the allergy season?

Next up: How saying physically fit improves your singing voice.

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