Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Develop and Discover YOUR Singing Voice

Develop and Discover YOUR Singing Voice

Think about it- how often do you sing along with the radio and wonder, what is MY singing voice like? 'I know I like to listen to the following artists, but have no idea what my singing voice is capable of doing.'  'Sure I can sing all the words to XXX song, but want to get better.'  You love music and want to spend time studying what YOU can do with the instrument that was gifted only to YOU.

Here is where singing lessons really help.  A professional voice teacher can help you not only find that voice that is trapped inside you, but advance your voice to it's fullest potential, help you make appropriate song choices for your voice type, and expose you to music (or parts of your voice) that you never even knew existed.

The Voice That is Trapped:

Through proper singing technique, you can learn to unleash your voice that seems trapped.  Work on breath support and proper posture help you to explore your singing voice and find your best range. Time studying the voice releases it's capabilities and develops solid technique to sing most music.

Make Appropriate Song (and Repertoire) Choices:  

I may love to listen to Taylor Swift, but know that I have a higher soprano voice, so her music may not the best for me to sing. It may be better for me to explore a different artist (or genre).   What about musical theater? How about art songs or opera?  Maybe jazz is the best avenue.  The more styles of music you explore, the best fit for your voice is revealed.   There may be more than one genre that you like to sing and excel at singing.  Open the window to opportunity and have fun!

Allow yourself (or your child) the experience of music.  It enhances so many aspects of life in addition to it's own enjoyment.  See my previous blog for a list of all the benefits  Also, return next week for how working on breathing techniques for singing help other aspects of your life!

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