Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Singing Lessons Help the Connection Between Body and Mind (and How to Take Care of Oneself!) (Part 4 of 12 of What Singing Lessons Can Do For You!)

Increase the Awareness of the Mind and Body Connection by taking singing lessons.  The most intimate instrument to study is the voice.  There is no one else in the world who has the same instrument as you.  You may sound similar to a musical icon through imitation, or blend well with the person sitting next to you in choir, however NOONE else has your voice!

When taking voice lessons, a singer looks deeper inside themselves physically and mentally and really learns HOW their voice works.  What do they need to do or allow their body to do to create that free, beautiful, and resonant sound?  If the singer is stressed about schoolwork or lacking sleep, does their voice function the same way as if they are relaxed and well-rested?  What if you tweeked a muscle in your back while playing soccer?  Does this affect your singing?  If you are upset that you had a fight with your best friend and fixate on it, does this impact how you sing?  YES!  You become more aware of what affects YOU as a person and what you can do to control it.

So, as a singer, you then need to learn how to take care of yourself and your instrument.  All of the things that we learn about in health class that will keep us healthy play a key role in singing: get adequate sleep, drink lots of water, wash your hands well and frequently, stay physically active, find mental and physical outlest for stress.  We learn how to take care of our bodies and either find a physical or emotional outlet for our stresses to preserve our vocal instruments. 

When taking singing lessons, students are encouraged to take responsibility for their bodies, minds and instruments.  This in turn helps students to become more aware of the connection between body, mind, and functioning in everyday life.  What better thing can you do for yourself than learn HOW to take care of your own body for the things that you want to accomplish in life?  For more about the body-mind connection and the exercise, diet, and singing connection, visit and

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