Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What voice study and voice lessons can do for my child (or me)!

What voice study and voice lessons can do for my child (or me)!

In the next series of blogs, I am writing to you, the parent, and you the student.  There are so many reasons to take voice lessons!  Not only does it improve the singing voice for the person who loves to sing, but it does so MANY things for each individual person in their everyday life.

Here is a list of skill sets that advance with voice study:

1. Develop and Discover YOUR Singing Voice

2. Develop Better Breath Control

3. Improve Posture and Poise

4. Increase Awareness of the Mind and Body Connection (How to Take Care of Yourself)

5. Academic Excellence (Math and Literary Skills)

6. Increase Concentration  and Focus (Quality and Length of Time)

7. Build Confidence (In Yourself and Abilities)

8. Increase Communication Skills

9. Find an Emotional Outlet

10. Learn the Value of Dedication and Perfectionism; Receive Constructive Criticism

11. Perseverance and Follow Through to the End of a Project

12. ***  Last But Not Least - IT'S FUN!!

Understanding and appreciating art is so helpful when it comes to processing the hard stuff in the world.  Music is a safe place to let out emotions.  An outlet for times you feel powerless and it can be invaluable in your emotional survival.  Art can be such a powerful tool for children to express themselves.    Jennifer Nettles,Sugarland

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