Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Posture and Poise

Singing Lessons Help Improve Posture and Poise

In singing lessons, we address posture often.  It affects how we breathe- how much air we actually bring in to our body and how we exhale.  The flow of breath we have through our body helps us to sustain a phrase and create a smooth, beautiful sound.  If we expell all of our air at once, we can only sustain short phrases.  Having good posture gives us the capability to create a steady breath flow that can be held for a full phrase. 

When we work on posture, we in turn work on poise.  What person can have great posture and not feel a sense of pride inside?  I often say to students, 'stand tall and proud and allow the breath to flow through you'.  This helps your singing.  In turn, it also help the psyche.  It is tough to stand proud and not feel a sense of strength from within.

The shy student who is full of self-doubt or average student just having a rough day, often has a surge of pride and poise when reminded about posture.  Working from the outside in and the inside out to develop confidence while perfecting posture for health and good singing can do wonderful things for a person's pride! 

A good way to work on posture in singing is to work with yoga and pilates poses.  The empowerment that one feels from a Warrior 1 pose or relaxation from centering oneself with Tree Pose is a wonderful thing not only for posture, but for the inner strength of a human being.  Visit to find out more about the Affects of Pilates Study on the Singing Voice and for the Affects of Yoga Study on the Singing Voice.

What do you think about developing good posture and poise for singing and confidence building at the same time? 


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