Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Choral Singing vs. Voice Lessons - When Should You Add Individual Voice Lessons to Choral Singing? (Part 2 of 3)

Choral Singing vs. Voice Lessons - When Should You Add Individual Voice Lessons to Choral Singing? (Part 2 of 3)

The age old question can be answered in many ways and  voice teachers believe many different things.  If you are singing frequently in a chorus as a youth, auditioning for solos, cantoring, musical theater productions and getting roles, or any and all of the above, you should probably begin voice lessons.  Many of these opportunities become available to singers around age 12 or 13.  Study at this point is of course going to be different than if you are starting at 16, but important if you are using your voice this much.  You can be given guidance to proper technique and production.  Individual attention paid to finding your true singing voice and listening to your body's signals is very valuable at this stage. 

If you are in high school and have been singing in school choir and had many of the opportunities listed above, now is the perfect time to begin voice lessons.  Your body has caught up to your interest in singing (puberty) and your voice truly begins to develop.  Spending time on technique, interpretation and delivery of a piece, and sight-singing are important for the many performance opportunities you will be given now and in college.  It most certainly will help you develop your singing voice and achieve any goals you may have regarding district auditions, musical theater productions, church youth choir, and solos at school concerts!

What if you are an adult and have been singing in choirs for years or just started singing in your church or community choir after a break from singing? Voice lessons are an excellent addition to your singing in both cases. 

- To the singer who has faithfully been singing in choirs for years-
Do you want to audition for a solo or for a professional chorus?  How about discover what your solo voice really is like?  Do you feel like you are going through a voice part change?  Find your voice or get help with difficulties with voice lessons.

- To the singer who has taken a break -
Do things feel different?  They should, you are not 16 anymore.  Your physical and mental self are not what they were then. Stresses in your life or things that you do in your job (lots of talking) may be affecting your singing.   You may have just forgotten some of the basics.  Find a good voice teacher to help you maneuver your way back into singing and really hear yourself sing again!

What are your experiences with starting voice lessons in addition to your choral singing?

Now that you are taking singing lessons and developing your individual singing voice, when do you need to watch how much (or what type) of choral singing you are doing?

If you missed the first discussion on Choral Singing vs. Voice Lessons Part 1, go to to read about why it is good to sing in a choir!

Stay tuned next week for Part 3 of Choral Singing vs. Voice Lessons: When might you need to decide?


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