Thursday, August 1, 2013

The MOST IMPORTANT Reason to Take Singing Lessons? IT'S FUN!

Over the last few weeks, I have spouted out a lot of good reasons to take singing lessons.  Which one is the most important?  To me it is that singing lessons are FUN!  Why do we usually start music lessons?  Because we enjoy music!  We like to sing, to play the piano, to dance, to create.  It is fun to do and we want to learn how to do it better!  First and foremost, it is to MAKE MUSIC and HAVE FUN DOING IT!

Of course there are many 'extra-musical' benefits to taking singing (and other instrumental) lessons.  These are the BONUS reasons we should make time for music in our lives or our children's lives.  Music is a fun outlet and an escape which provides emotional release while it helps develop many academic and life skills. Many CEO's, presidents, and other leaders of the world studies music at one time and state it helped to create their work ethic.

Keep singing and making music if you already do and make time for it if you have ever considered it in the past!

If you missed any of the wonderful reasons your child or you should take singing lessons, click the itemized links below to read more about a topic:

Here is a list of skill sets that advance with voice study:

Add a little music to YOUR life!  Please let me know your thoughts and comments and how you can have fun learning to make music!

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