Thursday, July 25, 2013

Singing Lessons Teach Us the Value of Perseverance and Follow Through

Perseverance and Follow Through to the End of a Project is another valuable lesson learned through taking singing lessons.

Perseverance is a valuable trait in life experiences.  By continuing to work on perfecting a song, a role for a musical, coming in at the right place in the orchestra performance, regular practice to achieve a goal, a student learns the value and rewards of working hard.  'In an increasingly competitive world, where people are being asked to continually develop new skills, perseverance is essential to achieving success.' PA High School Arts.  Following through all of the details of a project is essential to being a valuable employee in the work force.  Knowing this and being able to do it helps an individual stand heads and tails above their other co-workers and be more desirable to hire.

Learning that despite any obstacles, follow through to the end of the job is essential for musical performances.  Likewise, it is very valuable and expected of a good employee or boss in the professional world.  Things in life are not always easy and it is so important to learn by persevering, we can achieve our goals.

The art of persevering through a project involves multiple intelligences which are also fostered in the musical mind.  The theory of 'multiple intelligences' labels music as one of the separate minds, and being exposed to music strengthens all other learning forms.  The multiple intelligences are:  logical-mathematical, spatial, linguistic, bodily-kinesthetic, MUSICAL, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic, and existential.  Musical study is not only one of the intelligences, its study enhances almost ALL of the other intelligence thus creating a well-rounded brain.  The well-rounded brain can handle many more pressures, stresses and accomplish multiple things thus being a very SUCCESSFUL individual.  The melding of all of the intelligences early on in life sets one up to be a predominating source in the workplace as an adult.

Music as it's own 'intelligence' enhances the other 7 intelligences as were addressed in earlier blogs:
- Mathematical, Spatial and Linguistic Intelligence, in Singing Lessons Improve Academic Skills
- Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence, in Singing Lessons Help the Connection Between Mind and Body and Posture and Poise in Singing Lessons
- Interpersonal Intelligence (relationships with others) in Singing Teaches the Value of Dedication, Perfectionism and Constructive Criticism
- Intrapersonal Intelligence (how you know yourself) in Singing as an Emotional Outlet
- Naturalistic Intelligence (relationship between you and nature) A questioned intelligence, but there are SO many songs composed about the beauty of nature or imitating nature, there is no doubt it is there and is a part of us!

The art of perseverance as well as all of these other benefits of taking music lessons help us to develop a well-rounded, unique individual.  Enhance you or your child's life with music today!

Stay Tuned Next week:  Last But Not Least- The final reason to take lessons:  TAKING SINGING LESSONS IS FUN!

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