Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What is the BEST thing about performing in a recital?

There are many opportunities to sing and share your gift with others when taking voice lessons.  You audition for various things:  roles in the musical, solos in a concert, an opportunity to sing in a more select chorus. However, one of the MOST valuable experiences though is performing in the Voice Studio Recital!  Why?

-You are sharing your vocal gift with your family and friends and with others who are working on their voices the same way that you are.

- It is generally a smaller venue than a school concert, musical, or public show! It helps you to work out those butterflies in your stomach. The more you perform, the more comfortable you become with singing in front of others and communicating your song!

-You get to know other students in your studio!  What is better than having like-minded friends?

-You are exposed to more music; the music that others are singing.  You may find a style of music you never knew you liked before OR a particular song you would like to sing.

- Preparation to perform in a recital is valuable.  You work on really fine tuning a song from the pitches and rhythms to the nuances of phrases to communicating the meaning of the song to the audience.  You PERFECT the piece (s) to share with others.

- Now, you also have a song that you can use for an audition and be very comfortable because you have already performed it!

- You get to share your love of music, a part of your heart. 

Performing in a recital is not always the end goal as many students (especially adults) want to work on improving their voice for themselves and they purely enjoy singing and the process.  Everyone is at a different place with their singing and comfort level.  Once a student obtains a certain level of confidence and skill, performing in a recital a great experience and one I encourage you all to try.  I also offer an' informal recital' in which students perform for one another with no family or friends present.  It is a great first step to performing in a Studio Recital!

Let me know your thoughts on singing in a recital!  Happy Singing!

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