Thursday, November 1, 2012

Generalizations (and Specifics) of How to Take Care of Yourself for Singing

Generalizations (and Specifics) of How to Take Care of Yourself-  Of course there are generalizations and specifics of how to take care of yourself in regards to singing, but ultimately we are all different beings.  I may love to run or do yoga and use that as a means to be physically and mentally fit, but it may bore you and your prefer to go biking or do kick-boxing.  
Find what works for you.  Take care of yourself physically and the mental health will soon follow.  Physical conditioning in moderation is a benefit to both the act of singing and the mental focus needed for performing and dedication to a singing career.

Some general advice on how to best take care of yourself as a singer can be found at  A routine of taking care of yourself both mentally and physically can make a huge difference in how you deal with the rigors of performing and singing in general.
Spend some time figuring out what re-routes you when you are in a bad mood. Do you like to go for a run?  Do you sip a cup of tea?  Do you call a friend to talk it over? Do you write it out in a journal identifying what went wrong?  This will help you re-organize you mentally to be able to focus on your success again.
Take the time to explore what works for you and set a routine for yourself to maximize your singing potential.  Find someone (a good teacher and a friend) to help you and support you in your quest.  Time spent on physical attention and mental re-focus will make you a more balanced individual set for success.  Follow the advice of others in taking care of yourself, but ultimately you learn what works for you to make you the best singer you can be! 
Sing on!

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