Thursday, October 25, 2012

Continually Evolving – Your voice is continually evolving as an instrument.  You as a singer grow and grow older.  Your voice is a different instrument at 16 than at 25 and different at 32 than at 54.  It continues to evolve as you grow older and gain life experiences.  Our body cells, life situation, stressors in life are constantly changing.  It is so important that you keep on track with what your body and mind are saying about where you are with your singing.

The experiences that you have as a 16 year old high school student are completely different than those of a 25 year old newly on their own in the world.  A 32 year old who has had success as a singer but now is married with one or two children and a spouse to consider has different experiences than they did as a single 25 year old.  The list goes on.  When your body is your instrument, the stressors of life and decisions that you make really can change where your singing goes.

 A singer at all ages and experience levels must pay attention to body and mind signals- What works and what doesn’t work for you as a singer and as a person?  Can you go out with friends the night before a big performance or do you know that you will be much better off if you stay at home and go to bed early?  Do you sing best after doing a short cardiovascular workout and a few yoga poses?  Do you sing best after a small bland carbohydrate snack or on a relatively empty stomach? 

Life changes.  What works for you today may not work 10 years from now.  Sure some things will stay the same, but keep listening to your body and mind and take care of them both to make yourself be the best singer you can be!  What are the generalizations of how to take care of yourself as a singer?

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