Thursday, November 8, 2012

Singing Repertoire Selection- Do You Choose What You Sing or Does the Musical Style Choose You?

Musical Repertoire Selection- Do You Choose What You Sing or Does the Musical Style Choose You? 

What a question!  Each individual has a distinctly different singing voice.  As we take singing lessons, our voice develops and morphs in a variety of ways.  We may start off singing along with the radio and want to sing that music better.  Through developing technique and exposure to other music, we may find that we have a great singing voice for Opera or Broadway.

Often the style of music you sing best is revealed with concentrated study in singing lessons.  Trust the instincts of your voice teacher and yourself.  What feels good to sing?  Did you surprise yourself with how well you just sang that aria?

Learning good vocal technique reveals the true color of your singing voice.  The voice develops as nature intends.  Are you a coloratura soprano or a true alto?  Tenor with easy falsetto or a deep bass?  Are you a pianist who wants to learn to sing a little better and find that singing is your true passion?  (A very common thing.)  In the past did you always sing songs in the mid-range, but find that your high voice began to soar with good technique?  The voice is ever-evolving, explore it.

As the voice develops, good repertoire for you to sing and the style of music at which you excel pick your voice in a way.  You may love Adele or belty musical theater songs, but your voice is actually best suited to coloratura (high soprano) repertoire.  Or in reverse, you may love the high falsetto sound of many tenors, but actually have a solid bass voice.
We all like certain styles of music because we have always listened to them or been exposed to a particular composer whose music strikes our heart and core. Not only do our voice types but our personalities and musical preferences help shape what we sing.  Sometimes what we like to sing and what we sing well match perfectly and sometimes we stretch the boundaries and ultimately find that we may LIKE to listen to certain music and SING other music well!  There are many successful musicians who have learned this.  Stay tuned for examples and discussion on young singers in many singing genres such as Kiera Duffy, Tony Arnold, Melissa Rivera, Kristin Chenoweth, and Keith Phares.

What do you think as a student or teacher? How do you guide your singing students to find their true repertoire calling?

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