Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Resolution: Take care of my instrument, my body.

Part 2

Resolution: Take care of my instrument, my body.

You are your instrument, so take care of it!  A trumpet player carefully swabs out his instrument after playing and tucks it away safely in its case until it is played again.  We cannot put our instrument in a bubble, but we can monitor what we do and take steps towards better care!  What are some basic steps?

1) Get extra sleep going into a run of a show

2) Workout to ramp up your energy level and focus on tasks

3) Stay hydrated with lots of water

4) Fuel yourself with good, healthy food

5) Take an extra 10 minutes and warm up before you get to rehearsal

6) Find your favorite short activity to unwind and recharge

All at once, these may seem daunting.  Start with one a week or every couple of days and see what habits stick.  They all benefit YOU as a singer and as a human being.  You are worth it!

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