Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Glee and A Capella Phenomenon

Are you a GLEEK?  Can you not wait for the show to return?  Do you like singing with many other voices? Why is the a capella/live singing and dancing such a phenomenon?  It is of course fun to follow the drama of the high school life I admit, but how about the music?  Are you very interested in this style of singing?  Why not? What a great way to share music with the world.  Here are a few other reasons why:

1.  It looks like such fun!  Singing and dancing with friends!

2.  The music making is fabulous and fun!

3. Creating music with your own instrument, your voice is a GREAT feeling.

4. You can let the power of the MUSIC transport you away from any of the bad stuff in life.

5.  The camaraderie of friendships built while making music are very strong!

A cappella groups/ GLEE modeled groups are becoming quite a trend in high schools and colleges.  College a capella groups have existed for many years and for those who participate, quite memorable.  Performing for your own school, travelling to other schools to perform, finding new ways to make new sounds with your voice.  Harmonizing perfectly in tune with other people.  It is all good stuff and creates lasting friendships and memories.

There are a few precautions from the voice teacher side:

- It is not a simple process.   (The show makes it look like it is that easy, but those actors and actresses do practice and work hard to be able to do all of those songs).

- It DOES take time, work, and practice to get a great product.

- It takes dedication to practicing by yourself and with others.

-LISTEN to your body and what it is telling you.  Pay attention to it's signals.  Does it feel good to be the percussion part or does it hurt your voice?  Does it feel good to sing that low or should you be doing a higher part?

- MOST groups of this style do NOT have a band backing them up like in the television show.  Most of the time, it is the other musicians imitating instruments with their voices, hence the term a cappella (voices alone without instrumental accompaniment)

Is it a good thing to sing in such a group?  ABSOLUTELY!  Just have fun, create music, and listen to your body! So glad that many of our youth are continuing to foster this style of singing group.  If you love it in high school, find a place to do it in your college years too.  Happy Singing!

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