Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Benefits of Individual Support in Voice Lessons

Why are singing lessons so influential to our singing? Obviously we are working on technique to improve in a one on one situation, but it can be so much more.  By focusing on yourself, your instrument, we tap into so many other things that make your singing beautiful and unique.  

We study an instrument to fulfill a passion and to perfect a craft. We love music and want to share that love with others. A singing teacher gives you the tools to get there, achieve your goals, and instill the drive to get you there. Together a student and voice teacher find the path to where each student is meant to be as a singer, but the student must follow through on the task. The nuts and bolts of a solid technique are provided and much repertoire is studied. Working within a studio gives a student individual support and interaction with others who are focused on fine tuning their own singing voice. 

Through this type of work, you become very in tune with your whole body and soul.  You are working with your body as your instrument.  The unique connection between the muscle memory you learn and sound of what you can do with the instrument given to you is phenomenal.  Through this exploration of the connection of body and voice, you also connect to your mind.  You build your skills and confidence in them.  This changes you as an individual as you gain more poise and pride in yourself.  What a great way to not only improve your singing voice, but build the confidence to sing or do anything you set your mind to!  Singing lessons can be so much more than singing alone.

Up next, why is singing (and music) so important to the development of our tweens and teens?

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