Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why should someone study musical theater repertoire? What are it's extra benefits?

Why should someone study musical theater repertoire (legit or otherwise) even if they do not want to perform that style of music?

There are so many elements- The technique of singing is the cake that we build while these benefits of musical theater repertoire study are the icing to your singing!

    Here is a list of all the things that voice lessons can do for you!

  • Studying the character of music enhances the ability to communicate with the audience
  • It enhances the emotional connection to music.
  • It builds confidence in singing by ‘being another person’
  • It reduces nervousness of performing (getting outside of oneself)
  • It encourages motion and movement in singing
  • Motion and movement often reduces the tensions that creep into singing
  • Helps the student think ‘outside of the box’ and be creative
  • Intensifies the connection between word and song
  • It connects students to their own emotions and empathizing with others

All of these qualities can be used not only to get into the school play, but to enhance their singing skill set in all styles of music!

Musical study also develops many extra-musical talents such as academic excellence, increased concentration abilities, posture and poise, and the value of dedication and follow through of a project.  Sign up to receive developing articles at 

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