Thursday, October 18, 2012

Maximize your Success – You practice, you take care of your body (eat well, exercise, get adequate sleep, you improve your instrument and make it the best it can be).  What next?  Do you see a difference in your singing? How about your overall mood?  Do you deal with barriers and hurdles in your singing better?  Undoubtedly the answers are yes. 

Most singers agree that when they take care of themselves, they not only feel better, but they have more successes.  Get that solo, land a role in the musical theater production, get into that college, feel comfortable singing in front of others when you were timid before.  The accomplishments of singing are so deeply rooted in the efforts put forth not only in your practice and dedication to your craft, but also how you take care of yourself. 

As a teacher, the best we can do is practice what we preach and take care of ourselves while encouraging our students to take care of their physical and mental well-being.  Just like in all aspects of our life, taking care of oneself leads to greater success.  Our needs and tolerances of what we can and cannot do and still produce quality singing are continually changing throughout our singing lives.  You are unique and it is worthy yout time to dicover your individual talents and what makes your instrument work at its' maximum potential.  Stay tuned for more in my next blog Continually Evolving Singing Voice. 

What experiences have you had with your evolving singing voice?  Has taking better care of yourself physically improved your singing and your self-esteem? Have you seen big changes in your voice and your success?  Have you as a teacher witnessed changes? 

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