Tuesday, October 20, 2015

NATS Auditions, Competitions, and Auditions for School Musical Theater Auditions! How to Prepare!

There are so many opportunities to audition or compete in the singing world this time of year!  Local NATS Chapters are hosting their Student Auditions, competitions for scholarships are starting, and many folks will be having auditions for school musicals soon.  What are the best things that you can do to prepare?  Prepare yourself and your materials!

For NATS auditions and other competitions:

- Select your repertoire early and in accordance with the requirements indicated.  Decide on repertoire with your teachers' guidance.

- Make sure that you have made all deadlines for registration EARLY.  Carefully check if you are to bring originals only.


- Work technique, breathing, and phrasing.

- Analyze lyrics of each song thoroughly so you know what you are really saying and can communicate it to the audience (judges).


- Decide if you are using the house accompanist or your own.  If you are bringing your own accompanist, set aside time to practice with them.

- Carefully select your audition attire and practice in the shoes you will be wearing (it really affects your posture!)

-"Perform" for someone in your family or good friend.  This way you know how you will react to an audience and how they will react to your performance!

-Break a leg and make sure you warm up before you get to your auditions!

For Musical Theater Production Auditions at School or Otherwise:

- Find out the audition selections or requirements as soon as possible and start practicing.  Often times music directors select a song from the production that they will use for auditions.  Sometimes they give you a choice.  Be prepared either way.

- Follow all the steps above, knowing that you will be auditioning with the house accompanist.  

- Break a leg and make sure you warm up before you get to your auditions!

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