Friday, December 6, 2013

Preparation for the audition, but now what do you do once you get there?

Prepare, prepare for the audition, and now you are at the audition site.  What can you expect? What do you do?  Be prepared for ANYTHING!  All auditions are different, but some staples apply to all.  'Roll with the punches' and be courteous to all involved with the process.  Here are some specific things you can do:

1. Warm-up your voice before you go to the audition.
 *Take time to warm-up at home or if you have a long drive, on the drive to the audition site.

2. Be flexible!  Whatever they say goes, just follow directions with a smile!

3. Get to the audition a little early, but be prepared to wait.
 * It is essential to be on time, so give yourself a little extra time to get there.  You may end up waiting, but show that you are responsible.
 * Warm-up a little more in the bathroom and start your song (it is very likely this is the only place there is to warm-up.  If you are blessed with a warm-up room, use it wisely and don't over-practice!)
 * Don't talk to much while you wait- why waste your valuable singing voice?

4.  Enter the audition room with a smile and acknowledge the judges and accompanist.
 *If you are using on the house accompanist, take a moment to speak with them about any specifics in your selection.  If it is an audition with only one selection to be sung, still acknowledge the  accompanist.
 * Say hello to the judges and announce who you are.  Also clearly state what you will be singing clearly (unless there is only one selection to be sung).

5.  Be prepared for any reaction or no reaction from the judges.
 * Wait for them to tell you they are ready, but do not let the reaction affect you ('This is my least favorite aria'-  it is very unprofessional, but it happens.)  Smile and continue on!

6.  Find your focus in the room before you sing.
 * Mentally prepare yourself to be in character or emotion of what you are about to sing.
 * Find a focus point in the room slightly above or to one side of judges heads (just not their faces!)

7.  Give it your best shot!  Break a Leg!
 * Sing your selection how you know it best.  Do not depend on the accompanist to guide you , but do not ignore what they are doing either!  Go with your gut!

8. Wait for judges to dismiss you.  Thank the judges and gracefully leave.
 * No matter what happens, don't let them see that you are upset or unhappy with how you did.  Save it for  outside of the room.  They want to know that you are a joy to work with not a drama queen/king!

All in all, conduct yourself in a professional and respectful manner.  Deal with the pitfalls afterwards.  Wait for the results.  If you are not happy with them or want to know more, make a polite phone call or email inquiry to find out how you might be able to improve your audition to better your chances next time.  Most judges/directors will give you feedback that you can learn from to increase your chances of success!

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