Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Auditions- You Got It! Now What Do You Do to Make Sure You are Re-Cast or Re-Hired in the Future?

Success, you scream inside!  You made it and aced that audition!  Now what?  How do you conduct yourself?  What should you know and what should you do to make sure that you are reconsidered for the future?  No matter if you are in the high school musical, an opera in graduate school, a show on Broadway, or at a major opera house, these things can help you make sure you make a positive impression on the directors and make a positive contribution to the production!

1.  Be a TEAM player.  Know the production or show is more than just you and your part!  How do you fit into the whole?  You are a part of the success, but not the whole.

2.  Do your homework!  Mark your score or libretto and know your part inside and out before the first rehearsal if the music is provided to you before then.

3. Research the historical setting, source of the music, and character you are playing if applicable.  What is stylistically appropriate?

4.  Rehearsal is give and take.  Give your all and the coach, director, and choreographer give back to you!  It is an exchange of artistic talents.

5.  Be professional and courteous at all times.  Save any negative thoughts for another time or place, they will get you nowhere.

6.  Listen, be open to, and follow direction.  It is good to express opinion, but wait until after trying it how you are directed.

7.  Learn those directions and know it for the next rehearsal.  Prepare, prepare!

8.  Stay focused and stay healthy!  Take care of yourself through the rehearsal schedule.  Get lots of sleep, drink water, wash your hands, stay away from those who are ill.  A HEALTHY singer is a happy performer!

9.  Stay in tune with other art forms and what is going on in the industry and arts world.  This helps you to have realistic expectations and grounds you to understand the artistic world.  Doesn't hurt that it helps you have good conversation!

10.  Have fun!  Remember the reason you auditioned in the first place, you love to sing!

Reference Sources:  and Missing the Grade by J. Brittingham

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