Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Auditions, Auditions, Auditions Abound! What can you do to prepare?

Auditions, Auditions, Auditions Abound!

Ah,’ tis the season of auditions all around!  It seems at every corner I turn, there is another student asking for help with an audition.  Some are right around the corner and some a few months away.  How do you prepare?  What do you need to do to really make an impact at that audition?  Although the type and format of auditions can vary greatly, there are a few things that you can always do to prepare for any audition.

1. Find out all of the information that you can about the audition as soon as possible.    Auditions vary greatly for different things, so don’t be afraid to ask detailed questions.

-    Do you need to prepare a certain song for each role you are auditioning for?
-    Do you need to prepare 32 measures of a song of your choice?
-    Do you need to have more than one selection prepared (one English, one Italian, one musical theater song)
-    Is there a sight-singing, monologue or dance component to the audition?

       2. Once you know the requirements for the audition, take them to your teacher and        PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE!

-   Learn all the notes and rhythms so you can sing it backwards and forwards
-   Research the text and look at it separate from the music.  Analyze the poem so you know what you are saying or research the opera or musical theater production so you know the character and what is happening with them when the song is sung
-   Add inflection and acting to the song.  Communicate with the audience.

    3. Work on the audition selections with your teacher numerous times. 

                         - Getting suggestions and corrections from your teacher will help you 
                             perfect it
                         - Work on diction, accuracy, and delivery of the audition selection

      4. Sing the audition material for your family, significant other, or members of 
       your studio.

                          - Singing in front of others will help you be more comfortable
                          - You can learn to control your nerves and your voices’ response to if 
                           you do get nervous
  - Getting feedback from multiple sources will help you to know if you are   really communicating the meaning of the piece
       5. Practice and prepare in the shoes and hairstyle that you will use for the 

                            -Shoes affect your posture and in turn how you are breathing
                            -Hair should be worn so that it does not fall in your face while singing, 
                            a distraction to both you and the audition panel

By doing all of these things you are arming yourself with the best thing you can going into an audition: CONFIDENCE in your product and yourself!  If you perform with confidence, you give the audition your best shot! You also minimize the chances of feeling like your nerves got the best of you.  With confidence and preparation you increase your chances of success! Break a leg in that next audition and stay tuned for more tips on acing that next audition!!

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