Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How is Your New Year's Resolution to Sing Better? Are you Eating Better, Exercising, and Doing a Practice Log?

Check in on your New Year's Singing Resolution!

It is hard to start new habits and even with the best intentions, we fall into old habits about now (it has been a month since we made those resolutions!) It never hurts to have a place to check in to keep yourself motivated. Sign up to receive this blog and let it help you re-group. Let regular information and reminders help you stay on track.

Taking Care of Your Instrument- Take Care of Your Body

You are What You Eat and Drink

Are you eating well?  Drinking Water?  Have you added a balance of cardiovascular exercise and time for your mind and body?  You can do it, just have patience with yourself.  Make it a part of your weekly calendar to plan out exercise time and log how much water you drink in a day.

If you already have started working on adding more water, better eating habits and more water, do these things make you feel better and therefore sing better?  Share your successes.  Studies show that regular time spent on these physical and mental issues vastly improve singing quality and beauty!

For more tips on taking care of your singing voice visit

How Are Your Practice Sessions? 

Practice that has disciplined perimeters is very effective.  Set goals for each session and don't allow distractions.  Does that help you focus your attention when you practice?

Have you developed a practice log?  Does it improve the quality of your practicing?  What tips can you share or what will help you to get back on track with these goals?  For some basic practice tips, read my blog January 2013 or visit

Many practice logs can be downloaded to help you to get organized.  Try or

Happy Singing!

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