Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Final Countdown: The Top 5 Blogs of 2012 Written by Susan Anders Brizick

The Final Countdown:  The Top 5 Blogs of 2012 Written by Susan Anders Brizick

What a wonderful journey we have traveled in 2012.  From Performance Anxiety to Speech and Singing to Exercise and Diet and the Affect on Singing.  We have discussed a myriad of topics.  

Here are a few favorites of the year!

1. Musical Performance Anxiety and How to Overcome It! Accomplish that Goal (Part 1 of 5) January 2012

2. Speak As You Would Sing, Sing as You Would Speak March 2012

3. The Exercise, Diet, and Singing Connection.  Can It Equal a Successsful Singing Career? April 2012

4. Pilates Study and the Affects on Singing June 21, 2012

5. Repertoire for Child Singers.  The Dilemna of What They Want to Sing vs. What They Should Sing July 2012

What are your favorite blogs from above? 

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Wishing You All a Happy, Healthy New Year!  Let's Make 2013 a Singing Year to Remember.

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