Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Yoga and Singing Musical Theater

Yoga relaxes us and allows us to breathe better.  Better breaths improve the quality of our voice.  Being more relaxed allow us to move easier.  This is exactly what we need to do when we sing (communicate) a musical theater song or show.  If you are more comfortable and relaxed in your own skin, you can more easily become the character or communicate the meaning of a song.  Think about it! 

When you have studied a song and know the notes, rhythms, nuances, and words of the song, you want to take it one step further when you perform it.  You want to communicate the meaning.  If your body remembers the best breathing and posture (enhanced by good yoga practice), it can more easily move and act out the song. 

Even if you are singing a musical theater selection in a recital or audition situation, you still want to be able to communicate the meaning of and 'sell' your song.  This includes moving in a smaller venue than on a large stage, but nonetheless using your body. 

If you are in tune with your body and mind first (yes a little yoga even before warming-up), you may find it is much easier to get into character and share your story through song. 

How does yoga help you in your musical theater singing?

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