Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Summer Singing Programs and Summer Voice Lessons

Why should you continue voice lessons or participate in a singing program over the summer months?  Many of us focus on our craft only during the school year and want to take a break from everything over the summer.  Why is this counterintuitive?  Think about all of the hard work you have put in over the year.  How much has your singing voice grown?  How much confidence have you gained in yourself and your singing? 

Taking a pause of 3-4 months after all of that hard work can cause you to take a few steps backward or forget some of what you learned.  Think about it, that's why schools always give summer reading and summer math work, why not summer singing work?  When you train to run a 5K or a marathon, when you stop running for a few months, you lose some of your physical stamina.  Singing lessons are both physical and mental training.

A few lessons spread out throughout the summer months may keep you in check and motivated, but a Summer Singing Program may do wonders for your singing voice.  Why?

- You are continuing to build upon your current skills in your slightly more relaxed schedule (no pressures of regular school day and homework and as a working adult often work demands lesson a little in the summer months).

-If the summer program includes individual voice lessons, you continue your focus on improving YOUR singing voice.

- You often have more time to dedicate to practice (if you discipline yourself to do so).

- Summer programs are often more intense therefore learning more in a shorter time span.

-Many summer programs add working not only singing, but add acting and dancing to the "Triple Threat" of what is needed for Musical Theater.

Do your research for what type of summer vocal study you think will be best for you. Do you need to work on your singing skills?  Do you need to develop more confidence?  Do you need to add songs to your audition book?  Will a focus on these things benefit you more than being in the chorus of a larger summer production? Can you take voice lessons and do a summer production as well to maximize your learning while not worrying about your math and science studies?  Concentrating on your needs and developing your weaker areas in the summer months may be the key for you attaining your school year singing goals. 

Find out more about summer voice study in your area.  Join my Summer Musical Theater Series at www.susanandersbrizick.com and register today

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