Monday, March 20, 2017

Recitals are on the Horizon: What do you do to prepare and stay healthy?

It is spring and time for preparing for recitals and end of year performances!  What do you do to prepare and to stay healthy?


Make your selections early. 

If you are preparing an entire program, I know that is already done. If you are singing on a studio voice recital program, perhaps not.  Pick those songs NOW!  What music did you enjoy working on the most? Was there a song that you just loved?  One that you really like the message of the text?  Your teacher will have recommendations and put in their two cents, but take some time to think about it as the singer. 

Practice, practice, practice.

Work daily if possible on all of the things your teacher assigns for that (or those pieces).  Breathing, phrasing, re-working vowels, expression, interpretation of the text, dynamics.  Take notes in your lesson so you remember what to fine tune each week.

Memorize ASAP.

Take time to analyze the text and really get to know what the poet is saying.  Write it out like a paragraph and look at it separate from the music.  Look at how the composer set the text to understand what he wants you to do with the text.  This is important with foreign languages and English!  It will help you with the overall delivery of your song and make it easier to memorize it.

Practice memorized.

If you are memorized in your practice, you can start to add even more emotion and play with how you will truly perform your songs.

Perform for others.

Especially if performing creates anxiety for you, perform your memorized music for others in you life with whom you are comfortable (your mom, sister, roommate, best friend).  Get their feedback.  It will help you develop confidence and know how the audience hears and sees your performance. 

Know what you want to do and how you want to do it!!

Stay Healthy!!

I know this is easier said than done, but go the extra mile to do all the things you know you should to stay healthy so you can sing when healthy!

Wash your hands, drink lots of water, get adequate sleep, exercise, take time out for yourself to relieve stress, stay away from others who are sick when at all possible, minimize talking unless necessary.  If you are starting to feel sick, amp up the vitamin c, water, and sleep!

If you are well-prepared, you can battle potential illness better and come out on top if you do end up with a slight illness for a few days because you already know your stuff and can mentally practice.
Keep up the good work and discipline!  Enjoy that performance and happy singing!

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