Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spring in full bloom- How do you keep the practicing going? Create new goals to keep momentum

Spring is here and you want to get outside!  Who has time to practice?  We have all been bitten by the bug called spring fever and want to be outside.  I love being outside and have to keep myself focused too.  How do keep yourself practicing through spring and summer?  It's important and you may have a little more time in these months with less school work or shorter hours at work.

Here are some creative ways to do it:

1. Set new goals for yourself.
- Learn that new aria or song that you fell in love with.
- Get 4-6 audition songs of a variety of styles and tempi up to the level that you can pull them out for any audition
-Work on your stage fright by performing more often- volunteer to sing a solo at church, sign up for a singing class or summer program that includes a performance

2. Get involved in a summer program or summer production
- Not only will you have fun, but it will keep you motivated to practice and keep you singing
-Work on audition material for the program or production

3. Remember all that you learned and worked on throughout the year.  Don't let it wither over a few months of not singing.

4.  Try working on a new aspect of your singing.  Try a new style.  It may invigorate your soul.

5. Give yourself a break every so often. It is healthy to take a vacation (a week or two) not a 3 month holiday away.

Okay, I hear you- but it is so nice outside!  I'd rather.....

You can do this.  It is important to keep continuity (and yet allow yourself a short break or mental health days:-)  Use your time management and plan out a time when you will practice. What works best for you?

-Will it be right after you get up in the morning/before you go out to the pool?
-Will it be right after you get home from work and before you go outside to relax with your family?
-One or two days a week, practice silently at lunch by analyzing the text of that new song, clearly establishing those breaths, and memorizing it.
-Go outside and sing.  Practice in your backyard.  You never know whose day you may brighten or what bird may join you in song!

Try it and get creative.  We make sacrifices as singers and artists, but what we sacrifice the most is success if we do not keep up with our craft.  Enjoy your times (and days) in the sun, but be true to your musician and find time to keep up with your singing!

What are your ideas for how to keep yourself singing with spring fever and the lazy days of summer?

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