Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Yoga is good for singing, but is jogging? How do you know what exercise you do is good for your singing?

Yoga is good for singing, but is jogging?  How do you make sure what exercise you do is good for your singing too?  Last week we discussed the many ways that yoga and finding balance are good for singing.  So is cardiovascular exercise including jogging, running, or fast walking! As long as you are generally in good health, now is a perfect time to add jogging to your exercise and singing regime.  You can add it outside to get that much desired fill of nature in spring!

Jogging is cardiovascular, it gets your heart and lungs working, increases circulation, lowers your breathing, and give you a positive outlook on life as a result of released endorphins.  All of these things take care of your overall health and have a positive impact on singing.  The better your lungs work, the better your breath control.  The stronger your overall body is, the better your endurance in performances.  The more positive your outlook on life, generally the more productive you are in practice, rehearsal and performance.

How do you make sure you avoid any negative affects of starting a jogging routine?

1.  Make sure you generally are in good health.
2.  Buy good running shoes.
3.  Jog on unpaved surfaces as much as possible (outdoor track, grass or stone paths, treadmill)
4.  Breathe through your nose!
    * The nose is a natural filter of dust, dirt, and pollen.  It reduces irritation of the lungs and upper respiratory system.
    * The nose filters air and adds humidity to your system.
    * Nasal breathing triggers the lungs to expand more fully and easily.  It encourages you to use deep   breathing that we need to sing.
    * If you have a stuffy nose, it generally opens up after a little bit of running due to adrenaline in your system.
5.  Embrace the emotional component or 'runner's high'.  Your brain function increases, your thoughts are clearer and you feel better about life!

After you run, try singing.  You should find that you are breathing easier, can sustain phrases well, and have a positive and creative attitude towards solving any singing puzzles you may encounter.  Not only are you doing something good for your physical and mental well-being, but your singing too!

Please let me know your thoughts about adding running to your routine and how it impacts your singing!

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